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This is my Blog Page …

… but I call it “Top Tips” because “Blog” sounds a bit tedious. My aim in each post is to give you a pithy little tip, nicked from my adventures in the newsroom, that you might find useful in your workplace.

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Three Things You Can Still Do To Run Your Business when your Laptop’s in A&E

My laptop and IMac are in intensive care this week. Here’s how I’ve avoided panic.

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How to remember what that meeting was all about.

If you still take notes, and still use a pen, think about going red.

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How to get someone’s attention — a shocking suggestion

Why it's still good to talk ...

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Why your next job may be easier than you think

Whisper it, but not everything that looks difficult is that difficult.

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How to avoid annoying your audience at a Conference

We've all sat through events that overrun. Here's a thought on how to avoid it happening next time...

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What a Head Master taught me about Humility — at 41

Memories of interviewing Sir Anthony Seldon, respected educationalist and biographer, when really...

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How to spice up a Presentation on a stodgy topic

Why the secret's in the sauce when you're presenting boring information

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How to blow a breath of fresh air into your office

A startling story of how a senior manager got his team out of a rut ...

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What the Bong Button Taught Me

If you're finding working with colleagues has become a bit routine, here's an idea to freshen...

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How a little music can help your meeting

Here’s an idea if you want to make your meetings a bit more effective.  Put the music on. 

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Every few weeks I create my TV Newsroom in a funky events room above a pub next to Brighton Station.   It’s a great venue to try it out, whether you’re a sole trader wanting to enjoy its benefits, or a manager wondering if it would be right for your team.  It’s also a chance to meet other like-minded business-people, without the awkwardness of a formal networking event.

My next event is pencilled in for Friday 9 February, 2018.

Here are details of my most recent event -- do give me a call or email me to go on the waiting list for February!

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