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This is my Blog Page

I call it "Top Tips" because "Blog" sounds a bit tedious. My aim in each post is to give you a pithy little tip, nicked from my adventures in the newsroom, that you might find useful in your workplace.

If you do, I’d love you to subscribe to more of them here. I only post a couple of times a month, and keep each blog to five short paragraphs — so you shouldn’t feel bombarded or bored.

How to make a Dull subject sound Fun (with thanks to my two young nephews.)

A trick I often deploy as a journalist -- to ensure I understand something I'm about to explain to...

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Why giving work a miss might help you at work

Another idea nicked from the newsroom -- how cutting down on work might help you at work

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A Tip on Dealing with a Small Failure

Here’s the story of a little failure that lots of people saw because it happened live on TV.

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A tip on Getting Someone to Do Something Properly

This idea is nicked as much from the gym as from the newsroom, but bear with me.

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A Tip on Dealing with Change

You might think, as so many people do, that scowling journalists just don’t care much about the...

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My Latest Tip on Working Better

I’m at a networking breakfast. The scrambled eggs are being cleared away, I’ve drained my...

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When you promise a break, don’t break your promise

When the time’s right, I do enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee, and I’m sure you do too. But I...

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How a toddler can help your CV

I’m not a dad, so I can’t be sure of this, but I suspect that if you’re a young man of 17 and...

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That Oscars moment — and how we can all learn from it

So, where do you stand on the great debate of the day? Aching with sympathy for Warren, and...

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How a little modesty can help you deliver a workshop

The coffee was hot, the room comfortable and the numbers solid for the workshop I’d chosen to...

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