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I’m a manager — how many staff can you handle in one session?

The beauty of my workshops is that they can be very cost effective, because they run so well with large or small numbers.  Because I create news desk teams of five, groups of 15, 20 and 25 are particularly good.   If you have larger numbers, I can work through your teams in back to back workshops while you provide other activities.  If you have fewer than 15 staff, I can offer a more debate-based session with more personal challenges and one to one interaction.

It sounds interesting, but the team I manage will probably cringe if I tell them they’re doing a tv news themed confidence boosting workshop!

I understand this — and consider it my job to win them over.  My aim is indeed to take them out of their comfort zones — but whilst having fun, and within the security of their own colleagues in a comfortable, safe environment.  Because I gather detailed feedback from delegates, I know that the vast majority have been very glad they have had the experience.

We have an event coming up, and are looking for a host. Can you do that?

Yes, I enjoy this.  I’m experienced at hosting events ranging from chairing complex issues (such as the introduction of the the new GDP regulations) to more relaxed after dinner entertainments.  I would be working in my personal capacity, not as a BBC employee.  I can also bring my personal news video camera and provide you with vox pops from your guests, for use on your website.  My ‘Secret Life of a Newsroom’ illustrated talk makes a fascinating ice-breaker for social gatherings.

Your workshops sound really interesting, but I don't manage a team. Can I experience them for myself?

Yes, you can.  Every three months or so I run my Den of Decisions and Deadlines as a morning ticketed event in a great venue just next to Brighton Station.   It’s a great way to experience the newsroom adrenaline and develop your own ‘pivoting’ skills, while meeting like-minded people and enjoying decent coffee and pastries. Some people have told me it’s a great form of networking, because you’re actually doing something together, other than just chatting.  If there’s one coming up, there’ll be a banner at the foot of my homepage — otherwise, get in touch and I’ll put you on the waiting list.

Do you offer workshops for the staff in how to handle tough questions from the media?

No. That would amount to ‘media training’, which I do not offer.  To avoid any perceived conflict of interest with my on air role two days a week with BBC South East, I limit my workshops to motivating staff and students to fulfil their potential in a workplace setting.  Because my workshops are my own product and not the BBC’s, I request that any promotion of an event involving me does not use the BBC’s logo or imply the BBC’s endorsement of that event.  The BBC are a great employer and I wish to respect this boundary.

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Every few months I create my TV Newsroom in a funky events room above a pub next to Brighton Station.   It’s a great venue to try it out, whether you’re a sole trader wanting to enjoy its benefits, or a manager wondering if it would be right for your team.  It’s also a chance to meet other like-minded business-people, without the awkwardness of a formal networking event.

My next event is on the morning of Friday 10 November.

Standard ticket:  £75  — Early Bird ticket:  £49

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