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Up to 75 mins in class
£195 without Autocue
£245 with Autocue
10% off double booking

Half Day

Up to 3 hours in class
£395 without Autocue
£445 with Autocue
10% off double booking

Full Day

Up to 5 hours in class
£595 without Autocue
£645 with Autocue
10% off double booking

What’s included

  • As much discussion time as you need in advance to ensure I meet your pupils’ specific requirements;
  • All handouts, Certificates of Comfort Zone Breach and, when justified, prizes for those that excel;
  • Travel expenses from Brighton within Sussex, Surrey & Kent (for Half or Full Day bookings);
  • My unique Ofsted approved “What Did They Actually Learn Today?” Feedback Report, based on pupils’ own Feedback Forms gathered on the day — providing Senior Management, Governors & Ofsted with hard evidence by which to judge your investment:

Why choose me?

  • I’ll be giving them an experience of what I still do on the TVs and websites they use — not what I once did a few years ago.
  • My experience as a BBC Journalist Trainer equips me with cutting edge teaching methods that challenge the brightest while stimulating the indifferent.
  • I’m not corporate. I live in Brighton. If you book me, it’s me who’ll discuss your needs, and me delivering in your classroom.
  • If after a visit you don’t agree with the 50+ state schools who have described me as “value for money”, I won’t invoice you.


Any questions?  I may be able to answer them …


What Special Needs School Teachers & Pupils have said

A Special Needs success

Newsroom Bootcamp … great for Special Needs pupils!

Lindfield Special School pupils

Try it for yourself ...



Every few months I create my TV Newsroom in a funky events room above a pub next to Brighton Station.   It’s a great venue to try it out, whether you’re a sole trader wanting to enjoy its benefits, or a manager wondering if it would be right for your team.  It’s also a chance to meet other like-minded business-people, without the awkwardness of a formal networking event.

My next event is on the morning of Friday 10 November.

Standard ticket:  £75  — Early Bird ticket:  £49

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If you find these forms a bit annoying, just give me a call on 07850 188620 or 01273 606246 — I always like to chat about how I might be able to help.  Or just send me an email letting me know what you have in mind, and we can take it from there.  If you do like the forms, don’t forget to put something in each box marked with a *.

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