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Planning an Enrichment Day?

Newsroom Bootcamp is the all rounder, using the adrenaline of breaking news to mix no-nonsense deadlines with accurate writing, quick decision-making, confident speaking — and a lot of fun!

Add Autocue Extra for even more hands-on interactivity and a sense of performance.

Follow it up with Employability Express using the tv kit to focus pupils’ minds on confident speech and eye-contact, body language, preparing for an interview – and putting their phone down!

Focussing on Careers and Employability?

Employability Express uses my tv kit to get down to the basics: stepping out of the comfort zone, discovering an aspiration and working out a practical, no-nonsense way to achieve it by impressing at an interview or at work experience. Newscast shows your pupils the actual CVs of young professionals, with video clip messages offering advice and encouragement — whether they’re interested in the media or not.

Follow it up with Newsroom Bootcamp to hard wire the soft skills of teamwork, decision making and time-keeping that they’ll need to get any job.

Teaching Media Studies or English?

Newsday takes your pupils hour by hour through a reporter’s day, juggling breaking news and conflicting priorities.

Charlie’s Dilemma explores the ethics of reporting distressing news, balancing sensitivity with law and logistics.

Kick it off with Newsroom Bootcamp and round it off with Autocue Extra to give them a Media Day they will not soon forget.

Preparing them for the Exam Hall?

Headline Deadline uses news writing skills to drum into them that when time’s up, time’s up.

Newsroom Bootcamp forces them to deal with the problem in front of them, not the one they’d have preferred. Thirty Second Showdown gives your pupils the chance to write a real news bulletin that lasts just thirty seconds. I’ll be armed with my stopwatch to see just who made it.

And for older primary school pupils?

Let me use a mixture of the workshops above – pitched as Pop Up Newsroom for a younger mind — to help develop your pupils’ literacy, teamwork, speed, confidence and social skills as they approach the transition to Secondary School.

I provide:

  • The core stuff: accuracy – deadline skills – sifting information fast – swift decision making
  • The softer stuff: speaking & listening to each other – employability skills – presentation.
  • The fun stuff: will the news change? will the phone ring? will our team win?
  • Prizes and Praise: Certificates of Achievement and Prize Notebooks for selected pupils who excel or step outside their comfort zones in front of their peers.
  • The pre-chat: preliminary consultation, at your school or by phone, to brief me on your group, their needs and any specific learning objectives.
  • The follow-up: each booking includes my One Page Debrief Report, providing statistics and quotations to help Senior Management, Governors and Ofsted judge value for money.
  • The necessary credentials: I am CRB/DBS checked, and have full public liability insurance.

You provide:

  • Group of students, min/max approx 10-90, keen to experience something unique.
  • 1 to 2 hours of classroom time/workshop — but I’ll slot into your school timetable.
  • Video and audio whiteboard or equivalent — I simply plug in my laptop, and we’re away!
  • Separate flip chart or equivalent, to record learning points and team scores.

How much?

Costs are split into three categories Taster, Half Day and Full day, best you check out the how much

How much

What Careers Teachers have said

“They’re buzzing!”

“Amazing” — the confidence my Employability Express can deliver

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