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Choose from four workshops – or ask me to customise for your particular needs. 

Newsroom Bootcamp: The All Rounder - tough, business focussed fun

Newsroom Bootcamp is aimed at young or new teams, or existing but cautious teams who you want to motivate.

  • it boosts confidence through the expression of opinion while debating news stories
  • it encourages staff to step out of the comfort zone by presenting headlines to their peers off an autocue
  • it focusses on actual delivery by imposing time pressure to get on with the job
  • numbers: 10-25 delegates works best
  • duration:  Half Day (one workshop with break) or Full Day (two workshops in the morning, one in the afternoon)
Headline Deadline: The Perfect Teambuilding Awayday Icebreaker

Headline Deadline is aimed at both senior and junior staff working together in a team-building context, sharing meaningful challenges with implementable take-aways — while having some fun.

  • ideal as a stimulating ice-breaker to open an away-day, or at the end as a thought-provoking way to round things off before heading to the bar
  • because it’s indoors and on-site, it’s less intimidating than many team-building activities, and a lot less hassle for you
  • I customise the blend of sheer fun and real learning to meet your own specific requirements.
  • numbers: works equally well with large groups (up to 100) or small groups (minimum 10)
  • duration:  two to three hours.
The After Lunch Slot: a stimulating conference session that will keep them wide awake

This is perfect for the event host who knows how tricky it can be to keep the audience’s attention after a good lunch.  I have a range of solutions to this, including:

  • Seven Tales from the Newsroom: a 45 minute talk based on thirty years as a BBC News Reporter, but crammed with video clips to illustrate the lessons on life and business that I learnt from each;
  • Give Me Five: my tried and tested news game — how will you cope in the News Editor’s chair, deciding on today’s news stories, as breaking news disrupts things, headlines need to be written and the deadline approaches? 
  • Secret Life of a News Bulletin:  an edge-of-the-seat insight into what’s going into the newsreader’s ear as things start to go wrong on air … with a chance to read the news yourself off my newsreader’s autocue.  
Being the 3D Leader: Deadlines, Decisions, Dilemmas

This aimed at the C-Suite, ready to experience a refreshing new take on quick decision making and leadership.

  • as news priorities change minute by minute, pivoting skills are tested … useful as Brexit approaches
  • as headlines are written under real time pressure, clarity and focus of message is developed
  • as the rough and ready world of breaking news is experienced, we weigh up when to hold our own and when to let go
  • numbers: 6-10 delegates works best
  • duration:  two to three hours

You tell me what you’re aiming to achieve

More confidence in quick decision-making and just getting the job done?  Greater clarity of thought when writing a report or pitch that may help your company get business?  Better equipping your team to be more assertive, or patient, with each other?  A greater ability to handle a deadline, and boost your profits by keeping your clients happy?

You tell me the numbers and the time-frame

15-25 works particularly well, breaking down into 3 to 5 teams of five, but I’m very flexible.   A couple of hours?  A morning?  A day?  I’m versatile, and I’ve got plenty of material.

You tell me where you want to do it

All I need to rig up my TV Newsroom is any standard conference room with a projector, some tables and chairs.  But if you want to leave the office, I can suggest some great venues.

If this isn’t quite what you’re after

I can point you to other business contacts who offer different types of business development and event hosting  — just give me a call or drop me an email.

I provide

  • The credibility: I’m a TV news journalist you and your colleagues may have seen on air the night before, but with the training and presenting experience to connect with a very wide range of audiences.
  • The energy: my workshops are as fast, or as reflective, as you want them to be — without forcing staff into physical or dangerous situations.
  • The empathy: I’m aware many people may be nervous ahead of one of my workshops, and I am experienced at overcoming that anxiety.
  • The internal take-aways:  my workshops are built upon regular one sentence take-away thoughts to reinforce what has been experienced and ensure it’s transferred to the workplace.
  • The external take-away: I can provide you with a video of your team reading their headlines off my autocue for your own website, vlog etc, and can publish a blog about our time together — great SEO.
  • The pre-chat: a preliminary consultation, in person or on the phone, to brief me on your needs.
  • The follow-up: all bookings include feedback forms which I distill into a succinct one page report for you, providing statistics and quotations on what has actually been achieved on the day, and what the ‘take-aways’ have been.  This may help you justify the use of your budget to your own boss.
  • The necessary credentials: I am CRB/DBS checked, and have public liability insurance up to £5m.

You provide

  • Staff — 10 to 25 is ideal, though I can work with smaller or larger numbers.
  • Anything from  two hours to a full day — I’ll fit in with your timetable.
  • A standard office/conference room with video and audio whiteboard or equivalent — I simply plug in my laptop, rig up my news camera and autocue, and we’re away!
  • A separate flipchart or equivalent, to record learning points and news-desk team scores.

How much?

I  like to be really upfront about this, with a sense of prices here on my website rather than only available on request.  If you have a fixed budget in mind, give me a call and let’s talk it through.  I’m not a believer in one-size-fits-all.

How much

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