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Here are some questions I’m often asked — but if your question isn’t here, do just give me a call or get in touch here.

I’m a teacher, and I’d love this, but our school’s got no budget!

I do understand this. All I can say is that more than fifty state schools and training providers with similar budgetary pressures have told me I offer real value for money, providing their pupils with a working tv journalist leading an exhilarating workshop — and fulfilling the March 2015 statutory careers guidance to bring in outside visitors to work with their pupils.  Because my workshops tick so many boxes (English, PSHE, Careers, Business Studies, Media, Exam Preparation, Gifted & Talented, Primary/Secondary Transition) teachers have often drawn on several budgets. Others have asked parents to pay a small top-up.

I’m a teacher planning an Enrichment Day for a whole year group. Can you handle that?

Yes. One option is for me to run the same workshop back to back, “carouselling” through them in classroom size groups over a one or two day period. Another option, depending on your choice of workshops, is for me to take the entire year group in one go, backed up by support staff in an appropriate school venue. Or I can mix and match. My range of workshops is very versatile — give me a call to discuss your ideas, and I’ll come up with a plan and a price.

It sounds interesting, but one of our pupil’s parents is a journalist and last year they came and spoke to our pupils for free.

If you can get someone in to give a talk for free, go for it! — but I’m not charging you for a talk. My tried and tested, carefully structured workshops involve video clips, real news examples, deadlines, debate, surprises, moments of personal challenge, comfort zone breaches … with some exciting kit, and plenty of adrenaline. I’ll give your pupils an experience of newsroom life — not simply a description of it.

My staff/pupils may have fun, but how will we know whether they've actually learnt anything?

This is where I believe I may be unique. At the end of each workshop, I provide a proportion of your staff or pupils with a Feedback Form — asking them directly what they feel they have learnt, and what they may do differently in work, class, or in life, as a result. I give teachers or co-ordinators a similar form, asking them what they feel their staff/pupils have learnt, and whether value for money has been achieved. Within forty-eight hours I will have turned this information into a one page “What Did They Actually Learn Today?” report for your records … providing Senior Management, Governors and Ofsted with hard evidence on which they can judge their investment.

What types of pupils have you worked with?

Most of my work is done in the mainstream state sector, but I have worked in several schools serving pupils with special needs (both physical and emotional or behavioural) and I am used by several private schools. I also work with training providers helping young people who have left school but are not yet ready for the workplace or college. (You can see a list on my Testimonials page, along with video messages from teachers and pupils.) All types of teachers have told me that the pace and energy of my workshops gives many of their shy pupils confidence, and boisterous ones a fresh challenge. “Newsroom Bootcamp” in particular has proven an effective way to smuggle basic literacy to pupils who would otherwise resist it.

Still not sure?

Have a look at what some pupils and teachers have had to say …


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