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Use the adrenaline of TV News to teach young people about deadlines, decision making, getting things done — Employability Skills at large!

How? Invite a TV News presenter, reporter and professional journalist trainer into your own classroom — with an affordable Employability Express or Newsroom Bootcamp workshop!

Your pupils will find that tackling deadlines – speaking, listening and reading carefully – sifting information fast – wondering what’s about to change … can all be fun … when it’s in a newsroom! With prices starting at £195, and discounts for Pupil Premium, you may find you’ve discovered a great way to prepare them for the exam hall and meet the government’s Employability Agenda.   Your pupils could even end up reading off my professional autocue!

You’ve captured them in a different way from how, say, a book author might — this is real life, they see people like you on the TV — you’ve fired up those lads, you got them thinking … they’re buzzing with it.
Lorraine Hayfield, Head of KS3 English, Homewood School, Tenterden

Don’t think twice — this is so worthwhile, so varied, they were totally engaged — I’m going to badger our headteacher to get you back!
Stephanie Newton, Causeway School Careers Department, Eastbourne

What you’ve done in a few hours is going to last them a lifetime.
Paul Darbyshire, Business & Vocational Education Department, Felpham Community College, West Sussex

This was inspirational. The teachers who’ve seen what’s been happening this morning have all been saying that this is definitely worth dipping into the budget for.
Hannah Rhodes, Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate

The fact that you’re a professional, bringing proper equipment, that makes it far more real — this is definitely value for money.
Amelia Stoner, Head of Media Studies, Bishop Bell School, Eastbourne

This was really, really helpful — it’s quite tricky to engage this type of learner for two hours — but every single person has taken something from it.
Kirsten Brown, St John’s (Special Needs) College, Brighton

Don't take it from me

What pupils have said

What pupils have said

Sounds fun but you’re focussing on exams?

My workshops may allow your pupils to have fun reading off an autocue and handling a news camera, but they’re not touchy feely. They’re tough. I focus on quick thinking, deadlines, surprises, delivery — and hone in on what the National Curriculum and Employability Agenda demands of you.

Not sure it’s worth dipping into a limited budget?

Teachers’ Checklists

Find out how my workshops connect directly to your workload.

Key Stage 3/4 Teachers' Checklist

Your Challenge:

National Curriculum Framework for English (Sept 2013) states:

  • 6.2: “Pupils should negotiate, evaluate and build on ideas of others”
  • p16: ‘Pupils should write accurately, summarise and organise material”
  • p17: “Pupils should speak confidently … give short presentations”

National Curriculum Framework for Citizenship (Sept 2013) states:

  • p59: “Teachers should foster an understanding of democracy and government … weigh evidence, debate and make reasoned arguments”

How I may be able to help:

During Newsroom Bootcamp/Headline Deadline …

  • Your pupils will evaluate news stories, negotiate their value in a news bulletin, and listen to other points of view.
  • Your pupils will organise news material presented to them, before writing accurate headlines on a tight deadline, in strict exam style conditions
  • Your pupils will present their written headlines to the class, possibly on camera, and be challenged by me to justify their choices and use of words.
CEIAG Careers Advisors' Checklist

Your Challenge:

Dept of Education “Careers Guidance & Inspiration for Schools” (March 2015) requires you to provide:

  • p1: “Inspiration”
  • p4: “Resilience & grit”
  • p4: “Motivational speakers”
  • p7: “Aspirational”
  • p8: “Contact with real, enthusiastic & passionate employers”
  • p12: “Confidence from face to face discussions”

Dep of Education Post 16 Work Experience Guidance (March 2015) states:

  • p11: The importance of “attitudes, punctuality & behaviour”
  • p11: “Ofsted inspectors will explore how well students on work experience have been prepared beforehand.”

How I may be able to help:

  • My Newsroom Bootcamp workshop tests ‘resiliance & grit’ in a real life newsroom workplace scenario, testing initiative and providing ‘face to face discussion.’
  • My Newscast workshop enables pupils to hear video clips, and see the exam paths, of a range of inspiring young people – offering practical advice about getting a job in any field, not just the media.
  • My Employability Express and Work Experience Workout tackle ‘attitudes, punctuality and behaviour’ head-on, with timed activities, ‘sell yourself’ conversation practice, videos and confidence building debate.
  • All workshops are led by me – a ‘real, enthusiastic and passionate’ journalist and businessman whos aim is to motivate pupils with a sense of what they CAN achieve.
Media Studies Teacher Checklist

Your Challenge:

AQA Media Studies requires:

  • GCSE Unit 1 (2015): TV News
  • GCSE Unit 3/4: Media Industries & Practices
  • AS Unit 1: Investigating the Media
  • A2 Unit 3: Critical Perspectives

How I may be able to help:

All my workshops provide

  • An insight into TV news from a newsreader/reporter who appears on the TV news each week.
  • Discussions about a range of media industries and practices adopted by different news organisations.
  • A chance for your pupils to investigate by asking a media man who’s standing in the front of them.
  • A chance for your pupils to reach their own critical perspective based on what they see, hear and do … all on a journalist’s deadline!
Upper Key Stage 2 Teachers' Checklist

Your Challenge:

National Curriculumn Programme of Study for English (September 2013) states:

  • p:31: “Pupils should be able to write down their ideas quickly .. discuss … and develop their wider skills in spoken language.”
  • p32: “Pupils should participage in discussions, presentations, performance, role play, improvisation and debates.”
  • p37: “Pupils should identify the audience, proposing changes to vocabulary … to enhance effects and clarify meaning.”

How I may be able to help:

During Pop Up Newsroom …

  • Your pupils will be expected to write notes on their ideas, before discussing them with their classmates in groups.
  • Your pupils will discuss age appropriate news stories, before playing the role of a studio newsreader or camera/sound person.
  • Your pupils will be expected to write a headline on a tight deadline, with a tv news audience in mind.

A list of satisfied clients …

Training Providers

  • DV8 Sussex
  • Heathfield Works! Rural Employment Initiative

Year 13

  • St John’s Special Needs College, Brighton
  • BHASVIC, Brighton
  • Pent Valley Technology College, Folkestone
  • Sussex University Summer School
  • SGS College, Bristol & Stroud
  • Marriotts School, Stevenage

Year 12

  • Hailsham Community College
  • Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School, Ramsgate
  • (Cardinal) Newman College, Hove
  • Cornwallis Academy, Maidstone
  • Rye Studio School
  • Geilgud Academy of Performing Arts, Haywards Heath
  • Portsmouth Grammar School
  • St Lawrence College, Ramsgate

Year 11

  • Seaford Head School, East Sussex
  • Bishop Luffa School, Chichester
  • Holmesdale Technology College, Snodland
  • Lindfield Special School, Eastbourne
  • St Augustine’s Academy, Maidstone … St Andrew’s Boys’ School, Worthing
  • Worthing High School

Year 10

  • Plumpton College, Lewes
  • Blatchington Mill School, Hove
  • Felpham Community College, Bognor Regis
  • Patcham High School, Brighton
  • Castle Community College, Deal
  • Highworth Grammar, Ashford
  • Rye College, East Sussex
  • Stowe School, Buckingham
  • College Central, Eastbourne/Hastings
  • Brighton College
  • University of Southampton Outreach Day

Year 9

  • Ratton School, Eastbourne
  • Bishop Bell School, Eastbourne
  • St Anthony’s Special Needs School, Chichester
  • Robertsbridge Community College, East Sussex
  • Cavendish School, Eastbourne
  • Eastbourne College
  • St John’s Catholic Comprehensive, Gravesend
  • Charles Dickens School, Broadstairs
  • Brighton College
  • Seaford Head School, East Sussex

Year 8

  • Eastbourne Academy
  • Ardingly College
  • The Harbour Special School, Portsmouth
  • Downsend School, Leatherhead
  • Burgess Hill School for Girls


Year 7

  • Canterbury High School
  • Ardingly College
  • Maidstone Grammar School
  • Warblington School, Havant
  • Homewood School, Tenterden

Year 7/6 Summer Transition

  • Claverham Community College, Battle
  • The Angmering School

Year 6

  • St Ethelbert’s, Ramsgate
  • Ocklynge Primary School, Eastbourne
  • Haddon Dene Preparatory School, Broadstairs
  • Wellesley House School, Broadstairs

Year 5

  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Portslade
  • Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate
  • Hayes Primary School, Surrey

One TA came in late (saw what was happening) and said ‘I feel like crying …’ — because her children would never normally have volunteered to do stuff — but they were reading out loud! In front of people! It was something they haven’t normally done, until today. It’s been brilliant — really, really good.
Julie Buckle, Angmering School, West Sussex

We’ve paid for workshops before — but this was unique. The Year 5 and 6 pupils had a working tv journalist in their classroom — it was well pitched, you’ve extended their learning. They’ll look back on this and think about what they’ve learnt.
Jenny Varndell, Hayes Primary School, Surrey

This was incredibly useful and well-received. Your session played a significant part in introducing our students to key debates in a real vocational context … many students have been able to access Distinction Level criteria as a result.
Alison Cousens, Head of Media, BHASVIC Sixth Form College

It was the most enjoyable workshop they’ve had without a doubt — in terms of ‘value added’, it’s definitely been value for money. It was learning in the best way — they’ll go home and talk to their families about this.
John Steele, Media Studies teacher, St Richard’s Catholic College, Bexhill-on-Sea

You tested them in ways I would never have dared to … and they rose to the challenge.
Jo Mooney, Plumpton College

What are you planning for your pupils?

Decide which workshop, or mix of workshops,  is right for what you’ve got in mind.

What are you planning?

What English Teachers have said

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Homewood Happy Librarian

Eastbourne Academy “couldn’t be happier”

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