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How long are your workshops?

They’re easily adaptable, so the length of the workshop is entirely up to you.

30 or 45 minutes online, or a half day split into three 50 minute slots, works well — with proper screen breaks.

Face to face, I can offer an hour, a half day or a full day — but am always happy to tweak to fit in with your needs.

My 60-minute Get It Done by Lunchtime sessions are a popular option because they can be run at any time – over breakfast, in a lunch hour, between work and the pub, online or face-to-face.  Just pick an hour during the day that suits you.

Where do the workshops take place?

Of course, we can do them easily enough on my preferred platform, Zoom — but I can also offer them on Teams.

If you’re ready to return to face-to-face events, let me rig up my TV Newsroom in your meeting space.  All I need are standard conference room facilities.

I usually come to you, although I’m happy to suggest venues if your staff fancy a day away from the office.

How many staff can you accommodate?

My workshops can be run with large or small numbers.

Groups of 10, 15, 20 and 25 work particularly well face to face or online, because I create news desk teams, or Breakout Rooms, of five – but I can easily accommodate larger numbers.

If you have fewer than 10 staff, that can work well too — everyone gets more time to share their ideas and contribute, with more debate, personal challenges and one-to-one interaction.

Some of our staff lack confidence. Will your workshops be too scary?

The sessions are challenging, but never intimidating.

It’s my job to make all delegates feel comfortable within the first five minutes, especially those attending my Confidence Workshop.

As a TV journalist, I’m familiar with interviewees being nervous before they go on air.  I use a number of techniques to calm their nerves — and there’s always plenty of laughter in the first 15 minutes, to break the ice.

Can I attend your workshops on my own?

Yes.   From time to time I run my Holding the Zoom Room 45 minute workshop via Eventbrite.

It’s the perfect way to experience the buzz of a newsroom while learning communication and decision-making skills.

Just get in touch to ask when my next one is planned.

We have an event coming up. Can you host it, online and face to face?

Yes of course.

As a news broadcaster, I’m used to handling the tech, and the challenges that come with that.  So that’s handy if you’re running an online event.

If you’re inviting delegates face to face, I can help too — I’ve hosted many events, from P&O cruise ships to conferences and Awards Ceremonies.  As a news journalist, I’m always aware what’s going on behind the scenes — and how to keep the show on the road when things might not be going entirely according to plan!

If your budget’s tight and you’d like a host who can also deliver a keynote, my Secret Life of a News Bulletin will have your audience eon the edge of their seats … perfect for the After Lunch slot!

Do you run media training?

Yes.  Since October 2020, when I left the BBC, I have been able to add this to my list of services, as it no longer poses me with a conflict of interest.

So if you want to prepare your staff for a gruelling TV interview, or simply get advice on how to write a Press Release that is likely to be noticed, give me a call.  I’ve been reading those press releases, and asking those gruelling questions, for the past 31 years, after all.

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