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Lots of people say they can help you ‘broadcast’ better in this virtual world. 

I base my claim on 31 years broadcasting on the BBC. 

Lots of people say they can help you communicate better with your staff and clients.

I base my claim on 31 years communicating to audiences of BBC News.

Lots of people say they can help you with ‘storytelling’ in your business.

I base my claim on 31 years telling people’s stories as a BBC News journalist.

I don’t do theory or flow charts

I’m not a management consultant with qualifications in business theory.

I’m a BBC journalist with more than 30 years’ experience in the fast-moving world of breaking news — one of them spent training journalists at the BBC Academy.  I only left the BBC in October 2020, so all my material and insights are bang up to date.

Since 2013, I’ve been running workshops which show how skills gained in a busy newsroom can improve communication, confidence and productivity in business.

My workshops involve:

  • activity, challenges, video and surprises.
  • writing in clear English and delivering to tight deadlines.
  • debate and reflection, agile decision-making, new ways of thinking.

Here’s what they DON’T involve:

  • flow diagrams.
  • jargon.
  • waffle.

My workshops are different

They’re a lot of fun – but they also deliver serious business benefits.  After more than 30 years on lunchtime news bulletins, I help your teams get more stuff done … by lunchtime.

What’s more, I can provide hard evidence that it all works.  Within twenty-four hours, you’ll receive a written report compiled from post-course feedback.  It means that you can assess whether the course has met its objectives, and see how newly-learned skills will be directly transferable to delegates’ professional lives.

Find out more about communications workshops, confidence training and problem-solving training.

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By the way…

In 2011, I took a year’s sabbatical from the BBC to work as a volunteer English language teacher in Laos and in the small village of Kabubbu in Uganda.  It reminded me that life can be short, and ideas should be acted upon.

I donate 10% of my fee from larger corporate clients to work with young people who struggle at school with employability skills, and Eastbourne’s Quicken Trust, near my home, to support their remarkable work in Uganda.


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Getting It Done By Lunchtime

My free to download Quick Read guide that will help you be as agile as a journalist on a lunchtime deadline – by revealing how we communicate fast, tell stories crisply and hit our deadlines. Read and recommended by CEOs, communications managers and sales team leaders!


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