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Keynote speeches

How do you hold an audience’s attention after a large lunch?  I find that a great keynote speech, sprinkled with just the right amount of interactivity, will keep them awake.

I’m a BBC journalist and news presenter.  But these talks aren’t about me (although your audience may recognise me from last night’s telly).

They’re based on the hundreds of stories I’ve covered as a TV reporter, and the eye-opening lessons they can teach us about business and life.

Here are 3 examples of the kind of content I offer:

  • When TV News Goes Wrong. An edge-of-the seat insight into how TV newsreaders keep their heads on live television … while all hell is breaking loose in the control room.  Great takeaways there about  agility.
  • Seven Tales from the Newsroom.  Sit back and relax as I tell seven stories from 30 years in a TV newsroom, illustrated with video clips, that reveal important (and surprising) lessons about life.
  • Give me Five. How would you cope in a news editor’s chair?  This is one of my most popular bookings – an interactive news game where you get to experience what life is really like in a fast-moving newsroom.

All my keynote speeches can be adapted for length and for any audience.  Just get in touch to let me know what you need.

Call me on 07850 188620 or 01273 606246.

Event hosting

Having presented TV news for most of my working life, I can take the strain out of event hosting and keep everything running bang on time.

After all, once you’ve dealt successfully with politicians during live election debates, you can handle just about anything – and keep it all to time.

I’m a jargon buster.  As an event host, I’ve chaired debates on all manner of complex topics, including GDPR and Public Sector Procurement, whilst making sure the audience is never bamboozled by technical language.

Call me on 07850 188620 or 01273 606246 to let me know what you need.

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Getting It Done By Lunchtime

My free to download Quick Read guide that will help you be as agile as a journalist on a lunchtime deadline – by revealing how we communicate fast, tell stories crisply and hit our deadlines. Read and recommended by CEOs, communications managers and sales team leaders!


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