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I help build confidence in a rather unusual way. And it's not media training.


It’s more fun than that.


It’s meet-a-deadline training.
It’s make-a-decision training.
It's speak-up-in-a-meeting training.
It’s yes-I-can-actually-do-this training.
And I now offer it to businesses as well as schools.


It’s based on my adventures in the deadline focussed world of TV newsrooms.


And my clients tell me it works … after all, you just read off my autocue without a rehearsal, didn’t you?


And if you've got ninety seconds more to spare ... click on a video below ...

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Newsroom Bootcamp in a nutshell

Play one of my news games now


Why People Are Talking About It

How it Works

News camera, autocue, pop up screens, video wall.  We play a bunch of games that include news clips to get you thinking, countdown music to keep you on task, phones ringing to create a little chaos.  Your team leave feeling more confident in their ability to handle decisions, timekeeping and change.

How it Works

Get in Touch

If you find these forms a bit annoying, just give me a call on 07850 188620 or 01273 606246 — I always like to chat about how I might be able to help.  Or just send me an email letting me know what you have in mind, and we can take it from there.  If you do like the forms, don’t forget to put something in each box marked with a *.