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  1. I won’t talk to you vaguely about ‘storytelling’, and how important it is in communications.  You know that already. Instead, I’ll show you step by step how journalists tell stories quickly, succinctly, in plain English.  You’ll then do it for yourselves. You’ll leave thinking like a journalist, and thinking about how to tell all the stories you’ll now spot in all corners of your business.
  2. I still work in a BBC newsroom two days a week. The examples I use, and the challenges I set you, are likely to be based on stories I’ve broadcast in the past few months — not several years ago.
  3. I’ve trained BBC journalists.  Many of the cutting edge training techniques I’ll use with you are based on my year long secondment at the BBC’s internationally respected training HQ, the BBC Academy.   
  4. I’m a journalist, not a theorist.  I have no formal qualifications in team dynamics, workflow or change management.  My claims in this area are based on thirty years spent in the cauldron of breaking news,  where the day’s plans can change ten times before lunch.  This means that time with me is full of activity, video, deadlines, surprise – as well as debate, reflection, writing and delivering.  There’s a time and a place for flowcharts and graphs, but it’s not in my workshops.
  5. I make sure an experience with me delivers serious business benefits — but is serious fun, too. 

Working as a volunteer a few years ago teaching English in Laos, and supporting the work of Eastbourne’s Quicken Trust at the village of Kabubbu in Uganda, reminded me that life can be short and ideas need to be acted upon. 

So I set up my business in 2013, originally to develop school pupils’ life skills, but now doing so for business leaders and their staff.   I donate 10% of the fee from my larger corporate clients to support the remarkable work in Uganda. 

I love sharing my newsroom secrets, and hope you’ll enjoy discovering them, too. 


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