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TESTIMONIAL: A safe pair of hands as MC for a 16-speaker event that needed precise timing – November 2023

"Beautifully kept to time by your good self, John!" Adam Heard, Export Champion Event Manager, Department of Business & Trade "Thanks for your top work, John, ensuring everyone was in the right place at the right time for our 16-talk event!" Juliet Lawton, Projects Manager, Department of Business & Trade
Department of Business & Trade

TESTIMONIAL: How I helped a Media Relations Manager by immersing his team in real newsroom scenarios – September 2023

TESTIMONIAL from an HR Company Boss – September 2023

Thank you, John, for the fabulous training yesterday on "storytelling" by finding case-studies and recording brief video messages from them. Later that day I called one up, they sent me a video message, and I posted it. You inspired the action!
Elizabeth Harrison, Managing Director, MPeople Recruitment

TESTIMONIAL – from the CEO of a financial service organisation helping the underserved – August 2023

All the thanks go to you John - I have never been comfortable in front of the camera but you made me forget it was even there. It was a pleasure working with you to record those video messages to explain my business beliefs to both our external audiences, and my 700 staff.
Teddy Nyahasha, CEO, One Family

CASESTUDY: Keeping a complex, fast-moving conference to time for the UK government – February 2023

A UK government department needed a host for a regional event aimed at helping businesses to grasp the opportunities of the digital world when exporting abroad. With such a complex subject, they required someone who would cut through the jargon, keep the focus, and where possible, make it fun. And with nine ‘slots’ involving 13 speakers over five hours — one of them joining remotely — the time pressures were significant and the logistics fast moving. Two panel discussions with three guests each also needed handling with aplomb and tact, to ensure nobody over-spoke and questions from the audience were heard. I love challenges like this. My background as a live news broadcaster meant that I understood the importance of starting and ending items to the minute, while my training as a journalist meant my introductions focussed on the big picture, giving clear context to the speaker ahead. My ability to handle technical difficulties and ‘fill’ at a moment’s notice was to come in handy — when the live link to Melbourne proved elusive, and on-the-spot alternatives were required. Immediately after the event, the lead Event Manager wrote on Linked In: “Thanks to our event host, John Young, for doing a great job of keeping us focused, on schedule and engaging our audience throughout.”

TESTIMONIAL: How I help leaders at Vistage, the world’s largest executive coaching organisation – January 2023

TESTIMONIAL: Ten months later … training that was still remembered at easyJet

Ten months after working with the C-Suite at easyJet at the invitation of their COO, I returned with my camera to ask them how much they'd remembered and used what I'd shared. I was delighted with what they told me ...

TESTIMONIAL: helping a Senior NHS Executive prepare for media scrutiny

TESTIMONIAL: Improving a client’s presentations to build their sales – September 2022

TESTIMONIAL: “Surprising, refreshing & exactly what I hoped for” – September 2022

John - within hours I'd started to hear a few great comments from those who attended your workshop - particularly my team who found it surprising and refreshing to have a session delivered in that way. Thank you! It's exactly what I'd hoped for.
Charlotte O'Reilly, Head of Internal Comms & Engagement, British Red Cross

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