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Why EasyJet’s Head of Ops HR is glad he got me in …

Ensuring the learning landed at Gatwick Airport

Clear, thought provoking, and worked for 70 American Express staff

Ten out of ten - this was clear and thought-provoking, and pitched correctly for the seventy staff at our Team Day. You challenged us to think about our audiences and what we need to do to cut through.
Tim Patey, American Express

Landing the messages for EasyJet

"My team are busy people managing 14,000 staff in 8 countries - but you held their attention. You were challenging, authentic and your 'news games' brought a different perspective. I could see it coming together - people saying to themselves 'I'll have a go at this ...' This was really effective."
Stuart MacDonald, Head of Ops HR, EasyJet

Dynamic, refreshing, powerpoint-free, effective

Your approach is completely different to the type of formal training or away day exercises we’ve had in the past — much more dynamic than talking us through process on a powerpoint. And you’ve absolutely given us business takeaways — shown us how to ‘take the shot’, step out of comfort zones, take risks, tackle any elephants in the room. To have a trainer who’s a journalist, rather than a formal expert in business management, was a refreshing change from the corporate sales business training background.
Matt Saunders, MD, Storm 12 Marketing

Making training fun, as well as effective, for Headteachers

How I made decision making fun, as well as effective, at a Headteachers' Conference

Immediate impact, remembered later …

Your training was very helpful - within the week, I've faced situations where I've had to 'talk more' and 'speak my mind', and I've used what you shared with us.
Talha Sheikh, American Express

Cutting through …

John cuts through the nonsense. His workshop was like no training I’ve ever experienced before — hugely refreshing, and effective as a result.
Martin Riley, Business & Leadership Coach

Making a real difference in Ashford

Why this was so different ... and effective.

A thousand times more engaging than other training

This was a thousand times more engaging than some training I’ve booked in the past for my staff. It was totally engaging, grabbed our attention and reminded us all that deadlines are real.
Chris Thomson, Former Principal, BHASVIC

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