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“We used all your tips in our own webinar a week after your training … and the feedback was excellent!” — April 2021

I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of John's webinar about how to run a great webinar. In 50 mins John delivered a highly entertaining and extremely useful presentation. In fact, we used all his tips in our webinar one week later and the feedback was excellent. Highly recommended!
John Perkins, Managing Partner, wethepeople Marketing - April 2021

“I’ve now managed to end a virtual meeting on time – thanks, John!” — March 2021

Myself and most of the Elekta European Legal and IP Team participated in John’s “Own the Zoom Room Training” earlier this week. The Team is always reluctant to give up a morning for training as workloads are so high, but the unanimous verdict was that this was worth it. The tips and tricks John goes through are a combination of useful reminders of how to do things, and some new ideas to try -- and I can see that several of them are being used by the Team already. I'm now using the great 'blurred' background on Zoom, and because I'm now thinking about timings much more carefully, I've even even managed to get a Legal Management Team meeting to conclude on time this week. It was good for all of us to refresh our thoughts on how to engage an audience when we are delivering content that is perhaps not the most exciting. But for me the true learning experience came from watching John command the Zoom Room for the training session himself. He did so with a very warm and friendly manner, very clearly -- and with impeccable timing.
Sam Cookman, Business Line General Counsel, Elekta Ltd - 2 March 2021

Using the takeaways, the next day – March 2021

Thanks for a brilliant training course yesterday – full of energy, fast paced, enjoyable and, equally importantly, you made us laugh! I thought you would like to know that I have already put one of your 'takeaways' into action, and am putting a powerful image, that triggers a story, into the opening slide of my virtual staff meeting later today.
Sandra King, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Tyne & Wear and Northumberland Community Fund

“Extraordinary engagement, awesome value for money” – March 2021

(MINUTES AFTER A THREE HOUR HALF DAY MASTERCLASS ENDED, ON ZOOM) ... "John, that was amazing. And it was awesome value for money -- I would book you again in a heartbeat, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you. The engagement level was extraordinary -- I was watching everyone on gallery mode and could see everyone was scribbling notes, everyone was contributing. You used a great trick with the 'peer feedback'. Normally speakers do all the feedback. But you asked us to do it first. So there was always that 'jeopardy', as a participant you had to pay attention as you might ask them next. I'm going to copy that! You found a way to get people to love this new virtual world. You've set the bar high, with a bang."
Dianne Sharp, CEO The Leadership Academy, Sunderland - March 2021

Turning dull slides into a compelling story for a tense council meeting – February 2021

A London based communications company wanted to support a client who needed to persuade councillors about the merits of a major planning proposal during a virtual committee meeting. The client needed to transform a large amount of data and detail into a compelling story that would seize councillors' imaginations. In our first hour long virtual session, we looked at his existing slides, and I set the challenge of telling a story - by re-ordering and reducing the number of slides, often replacing text with images. During our second session, he delivered that 'story' to me in an engaging way. We discussed further tweaks that would take it to an even higher level. He returned the following day for our final session, where in less than an hour he had hit his stride and felt raring to go. The committee meeting that followed, he tells me, was a great success. (He also told me that he celebrated, once the meeting was over, with a large glass of red wine ...)

Entertaining, precise, very useful – January 2021

That was entertaining, precise and very useful. I particularly liked the way you involved everybody so all felt involved and challenged. I look forward to seeing the top tips in action in our team. Huge thanks, John.
Caroline Underwood MBE, Chief Executive, Philanthropy Company, London - January 2021

“We’re all intrigued by what goes on behind the scenes …” – October 2020

I loved the way you brought the knowledge, insight and experience from years at the BBC and made it relevant to Zoom now. We are all intrigued by what goes on behind the scenes at the BBC, and it is clever how you bring the two together.
Ann English, Speaker & Visual Communicator

“The parallels with the newsroom industry worked a treat” – November 2020

Thank you very much for an excellent training on Monday. I thought it hit the spot and I thought the parallels with the newsroom industry worked a treat!
Alain Vix, Learning & Development Manager, Vygon UK

“You delved deep – and hit the mark” – September 2020

You delved deep into what we wanted out of this, John - and hit the mark.
Jen Anthony, Engagement Manager, Elekta UK & Europe - September 2020

CASE STUDY: How I helped an international medical equipment company with its Virtual Sales Meetings – November 2020

An international medical equipment company wanted to improve the way its Sales Team engaged with medical professionals during online Sales Meetings. In a phone conversation, their Sales Enablement Manager and I discussed in some detail what the challenges were that they faced in their particular sector. We were joined a few days later in a Zoom meeting by the company’s Learning and Development Manager. A week later, I delivered my "Make Your Virtual Meetings as Professional as a News Broadcast” workshop to nine of their staff. The two hour version we’d chosen meant the pace was kept up with plenty of video clips and interactivity -- but there was also plenty of time for reflection, commitment, practical debate, and on-the-spot chances to put what I was sharing into practice, then and there. (I also ensured there was a well-earned coffee break!) Earlier that week, I had provided a customised Workbook, for participants to make notes and jot down commitments. My on-the-spot feedback poll at the end resulted in a score of 9.5 out of 10 for ‘takeaway value’ — with all participants saying they would recommend it.

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