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“I was NOT disappointed” – June 2020

I was NOT disappointed. This was an excellent and engaging workshop.  Some very useful takeaways that I will endeavour to adopt and adapt in my future online meetings.  One of the hats I wear is as a mediator, so one of the bigger challenges is reading the mood of the parties present and giving everyone a chance to be heard. Thank you, John!
Captain John Owen, Mediator & Director, Bernicia Marine Consultants, Northumberland

“Fun & Inspiring … ” June 2020

Thank you, John, for a fun and inspiring session.  It's made me think, laugh and learn - and I certainly left with some new, positive perspectives on my broadcasting approach. I attended to get better at running training webinars, but soon realised that I can learn a lot from you on simply how to have a much more productive and useful video meeting! So important in these days.
Maria Paviour, Occupational Psychologist, Trainer, Public Speaker

What a Management Consultancy firm made of one of my web-workshops … May 2020

“You can’t beat the real deal …” — May 2020

You can't beat the real deal. There's nothing better than learning from someone who's walked the walk. John shared WHY we need to adopt certain methods. He backed it up with real world examples. He used storytelling, video clips, behind the scenes captures.
Ian Farrar, Managing Director, Business Coach, Speaker

“Quick, fun and slick …” — May 2020

This was quick, fun and slick, and a really good half an hour of my time.
Julia Johnson, Managing Director, Fine Marketing

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How to Make Your Online Meetings as Effective as a TV News bulletin – 3 minute showreel …

How to make your Online Meetings as effective as a TV News bulletin - 3 minute showreel

You kept everything to time.

You kept everything to time. And you didn't just roll up on the day. You add value by doing your research, to understand and get into the theme of the event. You're not just there as a surface deep compere, you really understood the subject matter we're trying to cover.
Jeff Alexander, Chief Executive, Gatwick Diamond Business

Hosting events: examples and testimonials

Examples of me hosting events to large and small audiences, with testimonials from organisers and audience members

There were more takeaway skills in a short space of time than I could have imagined possible …

I was recently fortunate to be able to attend one of John Young’s Get it Done by Lunchtime workshops. This was a highly dynamic and interactive workshop, during which John utilised his extensive experience in the world of live broadcast to deliver some powerful messages about communication and decision making. The group exercises we completed were very imaginative, using multi-media resources to add to the authenticity and, occasionally, to throw us off balance and make us re-evaluate our original conclusions. Johns natural enthusiasm was absolutely infectious, and his extensive journalistic experience brought great credibility. Even though the workshop I attended was relatively short, John still managed to take us through some really important learning experiences. The pace of the session was such that everyone remained completely engaged and this really added value to the team exercises. All this learning was reinforced through key summary points, and also a take-away guide so that the skills we learned could easily be transferred back to our work environments - and probably also our homes! My abiding impression of the session was that it was fun, energetic and provided more take-away skills in a short space of time than I could have imagined possible. Highly recommended.
MD, Skillwise UK Ltd, Paul Greenhalgh

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Getting It Done By Lunchtime

My free to download Quick Read guide that will help you be as agile as a journalist on a lunchtime deadline – by revealing how we communicate fast, tell stories crisply and hit our deadlines. Read and recommended by CEOs, communications managers and sales team leaders!


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