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TESTIMONIAL: feedback from a CEO after my How To Make Your Webinars Interesting training – May 2022

Loved it! Everything that John said made sense and it was all broken down into bite size pieces without any waffle. I loved the fact that it was so interactive too and there was plenty of time for reflection and writing down actions you need to take in the moment so to speak.. Nothing would have made it better for me.
(Anonymous) feedback from CEO after workshop

CASE STUDY: great feedback after my training on how to deliver a webinar – May 2022

A senior clinician at an NHS Trust in Kent was wrestling with an online presentation. I worked with him to focus on stories rather than slides, images rather than data, and a conversational tone rather than a monotone delivery. Four days later he emailed me this: "I thought I would let you know that Friday's talk went really well, in that I enjoyed it, I had lots of appropriate interaction, and got great feedback afterwards, so couldn't have asked for more, really! Thanks again for your time and input! I have sat through a virtual conference today, and have to say, it was a masterclass on what not to do, so I will be pushing people towards you!"
Senior NHS Clinician, Kent

CASE STUDY: Selling a product with a TV programme – April 2022

An international logistics company was bidding for a multi million pound contract from a UK government department. The civil servants told them: “Okay, impress us and our stakeholders with a presentation. You’ll have 45 minutes.” The international logistics company decided to think big. They ditched any notion of a powerpoint followed by a Q&A. 
And they decided instead to produce a 30 minute news programme. It would showcase their product, telling its story and demonstrating how it would actually work. Their own team leaders would be interviewed by a former news reporter, opening the floor for a Question Time interrogation from the government department and stakeholder audience. I was proud to be the Presenter/Reporter of that programme — crafting the reports, working out the questions, conducting the live interviews ... all the while working with a great team of TV producers and directors. Here’s what the client told us afterwards: “We were blown away — your professional news production was seen by all as the icing on the cake.” For confidentiality reasons, I can’t tell you the name of the client or the government department involved, but the TV production was by Jon Hunt at https://flyingreporter.co.uk, the Directing was by Neil Baldock of https://www.cuefanfare.co.uk, the Technical Team was provided by Ben Harper and Claire Wilkie of https://www.limitlessbroadcast.tv, and the camerawork was by Nic Small of https://www.shootfirst.tv

TESTIMONIAL: Fast and interactive to keep MDs and CEOs focussed – March 2022

TESTIMONIAL: ‘Your online workshop kept me engaged’ – February 2022

TESTIMONIAL from a fighter pilot: “John is an MC who listens … ” – January 2022

Google Executive: “Not only fun, but so relatable in our business” – January 2022

This was one of the most enriching sessions I've experienced. It was not only fun, but so relatable in our business - especially your points around staying in the zone, keeping it brief and speaking in the audience's language. It was profound, and I've already started to use some of what you shared in practice. I'm really thankful for these 'golden drops of wisdom'. I look forward to more of these sessions with you - we all thoroughly enjoyed them!
Chan Mukherjee, Director of Strategic Customer Partnerships, Google Europe

“The best training I’ve had this year” – December 2021

One of my colleagues who took part in the webinar presentation training I booked you for five months ago said to me the other day that it had been the best training they’d had this year … it was exceptional. And I’m still seeing plenty of evidence of what you taught them in the webinars they’re delivering now — you’ve had an impact that’s stuck.
Mark Britton, Head of Marketing, Crimson Technology Solutions

“Engaging, energetic, entertaining” – November 2021

John addressed my CEO’s group and gave us a masterclass in how to communicate effectively.  He is highly engaging, energetic and entertaining in equal measure.
Neil Laughton, Laughton & Co Leadership

A real ‘behind the curtain’ glimpse of broadcasting – October 2021

John's experience is hugely evident. You get a real 'behind the curtain' glimpse of broadcasting, and his hints and tips give a new perspective to visual presentation. The session was fun and engaging and zipped along (as you would expect!); John adapted his commentary and examples to the audience (variety of backgrounds and experience). Highly recommended
Noreen Kinsey, Senior Account Director, MMR Research Worldwide

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