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Less is more

What did I learn? That less is more.
Aberdeen Standard Investments Head of Marketing, Kathryn Pinner

Engaging, interactive, and takeaways too

I book a lot of speakers. And this was one of the most engaging events I have seen for a long time. There was so much interactivity, whether people wanted to or not! To have this many people in the room, getting up and doing something -- fantastic. And amazing takeaways too -- the one that resonated with me most was not always insisting on perfection.
HR Recruiter, Henlee Resourcing: Lee Krawczyk-Brown,

Everything ran to time …

A HUGE thank you to you for helping us to deliver a great event yesterday. You are always such a pleasure to work with John, and we have had some very positive feedback from our guests. We really appreciate the efforts you made to ensure everything ran to time as this can have such a negative impact on attendees when it doesn’t go to plan. Everything ran like clockwork, so thank you very much!
Gatwick Diamond Speakers' Conference organiser, Sally Brown

There were more takeaway skills in a short space of time than I could have imagined possible …

I was recently fortunate to be able to attend one of John Young’s Get it Done by Lunchtime workshops. This was a highly dynamic and interactive workshop, during which John utilised his extensive experience in the world of live broadcast to deliver some powerful messages about communication and decision making. The group exercises we completed were very imaginative, using multi-media resources to add to the authenticity and, occasionally, to throw us off balance and make us re-evaluate our original conclusions. Johns natural enthusiasm was absolutely infectious, and his extensive journalistic experience brought great credibility. Even though the workshop I attended was relatively short, John still managed to take us through some really important learning experiences. The pace of the session was such that everyone remained completely engaged and this really added value to the team exercises. All this learning was reinforced through key summary points, and also a take-away guide so that the skills we learned could easily be transferred back to our work environments - and probably also our homes! My abiding impression of the session was that it was fun, energetic and provided more take-away skills in a short space of time than I could have imagined possible. Highly recommended.
MD, Skillwise UK Ltd, Paul Greenhalgh

A focus on Clear Communications

Inspiring. What I found most useful were the points about clear communications at work.
Phil Pilsworth, Training Consultant, Nationwide Building Society

Why Perfection can be a Problem

I learnt not to strive all the time for perfection if I'm going to get the job done.
HR Engagement Manager, Royal International Air Tattoo - Karen Driver

Courage to speak up in a meeting

This has helped me to be more courageous. I'll be more able to speak up and not be afraid in a meeting.
Ernst & Young Manager, Narmeen Navrozally

Not a second was boring …

Not a second was boring. It was fun and insightful - there were so many takeaways: prioritisation, capturing your audience, getting your message across.
Deutsche Bank Risk Manager, Josephine Wong

Ten Testimonials … in two-and-a-bit minutes …

Why EasyJet’s Head of Ops HR is glad he got me in for his Awayday …

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