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What the Duke of York’s inquisitor can teach us about self-doubt

The journalist who secured one of the biggest interviews of the last decade admits she frets.

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Three ways to get your story on the TV … and three ways not to.

Getting a journalist's attention may be easier than you think. Here are six tips that may help.

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Why it’s Okay to Admit you Don’t Know the Answer — and What To Do Next

Brexit's really complicated. So is business. Good leaders - and journalists - admit when they...

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What my own close shave with death taught me about kindess in communications

Earlier this month, my life was saved by the emergency services. Their reactions to my thank you...

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3 Hot Tips for Speaking in Public … when you’re nervous you’ll forget everything

Look - no autocue! Delivering information without a script needn't be as daunting as it may seem.

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How To Avoid Being Pompous At Work

Are you nervous of speaking your mind at work? Here's why it's good to comment on things you might...

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Why Agile Leadership means letting your standards slip

I took this photo of Chris Browne OBE, COO of EasyJet, after interviewing her on my phone. Five...

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A bottle of after-shave, a misplaced key, a life lost — why detail matters in storytelling

Storytelling is all the rage for business comms. But it's easy to get it wrong.

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How to Stay Grounded With Your Team

Leadership is about still doing things your team does.

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In House Training? Yawn? Three Ways to Make Dull But Important Training Stick

RIP, BBC News Running Orders 1998-2019. Now we're being trained in a new system. It's a bit scary.

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