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Recording a video message? Six mistakes made by the Conservative leadership candidates … and six things they got right.

The candidates to be PM reveal the risks of getting communications wrong

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The killer question for anyone being interviewed for the TV News: who’s really in control?

Take this 3 Question Quiz to find out!

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How Ant & Dec may have the answer to your hybrid challenge

The British entertainers effortlessly command the attention of a physical and a virtual audience. ...

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How to Boil Things Right Down (for an impatient audience)

If you're making a presentation, planning a webinar or selling a product, you need to edit them.

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What PMQs revealed this afternoon about the power of storytelling … and how that can help you in business.

To hit your audience between the eyes, do what politicians do. Find a case-study.

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WFH again? Three ways to ensure your virtual meetings end on time

News bulletins always run to time. Is that always true of your virtual meetings?

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WEBINAR WISDOM: Ditch the Data, Import an Image 8 December 2021


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WEBINAR WISDOM: Story First, Self Second 8 December 2021


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Five Clues in TV News – how to make boring things compelling to your staff, stakeholders, customers and clients

TV News reporters have to grab the attention, and keep it. Here's how they do it.

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How to be as Agile in Business as Emma Raducanu is on the Tennis Court: three tips

Journalists have to file news reports within moment of huge events. How are they so agile?

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