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Make your ONLINE MEETINGS tighter, more engaging and more effective.

Give your ONLINE TRAINING more energy, more edge and more impact. 

I can help you with both.

 Because in TV News, if broadcasts are boring, people tune out.

How to Make Your Online Meetings as Effective as a TV News bulletin – 3 minute showreel …

Ten months on: how my training stuck for easyJet’s senior managers

TESTIMONIAL: Holding the Zoom Room — May 2020
Ten out of ten - this was clear and (click me)
American Express Senior...
What did I learn? That less is more.
Aberdeen Standard...
Not a second was boring. It was fun and (click me)
Deutsche Bank Risk...

Online communications & productivity training.

Because we’re all broadcasters now.

It’s never been so important that staff are confident working and taking part in meetings remotely.

Meetings are just like news bulletins. They need headlines, they need confident delivery, and they need to start and end on time.

Otherwise your audience will just tune out.

These are skills I’ve developed over 30 years as a TV journalist. And they’re skills I can share with you and your teams online.

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There’s nothing better than learning from someone who’s walked the walk. John showed why we need to learn online … in 30 minutes, he used storytelling, he used video, he showed us behind the scenes of TV news. Theory is one thing, but you can’t beat the real deal. Thank you, John.
Ian Farrar – Industry Angel Business Coach and Podcaster

All the energy of my workshops, now available online

Getting together by Zoom or Teams is never going to be as good as getting together in person.

But my 30 or 45 minute online workshops will leave your staff feeling valued, energised (and quite possibly entertained.)

They cover the same ground as my face-to-face workshops:

  • crystal clear communications for internal audiences
  • problem solving & prioritisation
  • confidence on a deadline

Participants watch video clips from TV news bulletins, played on shared screens.  They vote on key decisions, and gather in chatrooms to debate — as the countdown clock ticks down, just as if they were on a newsroom bulletin deadline.

(My workshops are for internal comms only — external comms would amount to Media Training, which is a service I don’t offer while working at the BBC.  I can recommend other people who can offer, this, though — do get in touch.)

Training and CPD that’s allowed during furlough

Staff who feel isolated will feel valued.  New skills will be developed that could transform performance when normal business life returns.

And you’ll have developed skills that are never needed as much as they are now.

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Getting It Done By Lunchtime

My free to download Quick Read guide that will help you be as agile as a journalist on a lunchtime deadline – by revealing how we communicate fast, tell stories crisply and hit our deadlines. Read and recommended by CEOs, communications managers and sales team leaders!


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