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What is a Warm Website Greeting?

Example Warm Website Greeting with Graphics



Could this be you? 

Your website looks and feels a bit too similar to all the competition.  Your copy tells people what’s special about you — bit it doesn’t give them a chance to get a real sense of you, to look you in the eye, to decide that they really trust you. 


Could this be a solution? 

I help you record your very own warm video greeting for your website.  It  gives an insight into the real ‘you’, your professionalism, your likability — and perhaps a flavour of your story.   It makes people more interested in using your services in a crowded field, because they like the look and sound of you. 


Sounds a bit scary?   You hate being filmed, and are worried you’ll ramble? 

I understand this.  I’m a former BBC reporter who for 30 years has been trusted by shy people to help them tell their stories, succinctly, on camera.   


So how would it work? 

We meet over Zoom for a 30 minute chat.   Based on this, we decide upon 3 to 5 key points you want to get across in your video greeting.   

We fix a date and time for our recording.  Depending on the quality of your tech, it could be on Zoom.  But better still, we meet face to face at a place of your choice.   I bring the kit, you just bring yourself. 

We drink some coffee.  We record our chat.  It might take five minutes, it might take thirty.   I’m in no rush. 

I pack away my kit, go away and edit it — cutting out all the waffly bits, keeping your best bits.   I use newsroom standard Final Cut Pro software, with options for green screen, graphics and music.  

You’re tempted?   I move fast, so you could have this on your website sooner than you think. 

£795 + VAT

Call me on 07850 188620 or email me to find out more and perhaps work out a plan!

I’m so confident you’ll be happy with the result, that if you don’t like the finished product — I simply won’t invoice you. 



“Chatting about my sales and lettings estate agency to John, with Hove’s iconic beach-huts as a backdrop, was a great way to informalise my ‘biz’ video.  What’s more, it was great fun, and personal.  John’s professionalism and  pre-recording research was delivered with no fuss — and has had fantastic reviews!”   Heather Hilder-Darling, Owner, Callaways Sales & Lettings

“John’s coaching led me to develop an impactful, credible message for my customers – drawing from his career and experience as a BBC broadcaster.  I can’t provide a stronger recommendation – I really enjoyed working with John.” Jason Turse, Senior Sales Executive, Amazon Web Services

“It’s been tailored, it’s been personal, it’s been hand-holding … and at times it was fun!”Scott Durairaj, Senior NHS Executive (following my media training service.)


Five Newsroom Secrets - to help you feel more confident recording warm video messages!

My free to download, video illustrated guide that will give you the confidence to record more video messages — whether for your website, your staff or your clients.    Because video builds trust — and in the age of the smartphone … ‘we’re all broadcasters now!’

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