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Workshops and webinars to boost your productivity under pressure.

Deadlines, problem solving, communications … sorted, by lunchtime.  Because in TV Newsrooms, that’s what we do, every day. 

Handy during the Corona Virus crisis.


I now offer all my workshops ONLINE, to fit in with your schedule, and the amount of time you find is manageable on Zoom or Teams — 30 minutes? 45 minutes? An hour? You tell me and I’ll deliver it. Click the button below to find out more.

Online Workshops

How to Make Your Online Meetings as Effective as a TV News bulletin – 3 minute showreel …
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Ian Farrar, Managing...

Ten months on: how my training stuck for easyJet’s senior managers

“Nine months after your visit, John, I still regularly use those techniques you shared about gathering big information and boiling it down, under pressure.  It was a lot of fun — and it really stuck.”  

David Morgan, Director of Flight Operations, easyJet

I’m a BBC TV news reporter – who also runs professional communications workshops, problem-solving training and confidence workshops .

If you’re a fan of PowerPoint, look away now … because this isn’t typical corporate training. My workshops are based on a real-time TV newsroom experience.

So, you may be wondering … what does a TV Newsroom have in common with the world of business?

  • in a news headline, there’s no room for waffle. Your staff will learn the art of clear communication.
  • with a lunchtime news deadline fast approaching, they’ll discover how to sift through complex information to find the key messages … agility in action.
  • breaking news always throws a spanner in the works.  I share the secrets of keeping calm and resilient in the face of shifting priorities.

The workshops are exciting, challenging, fun and most importantly, they’re effective.  Your staff will come away re-energised, with skills that can instantly be put to use in their professional lives.  They’re my own product, not the BBC’s, but are based on more than thirty years’ experience working at the Corporation, at the sharp end of the business.

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Online Workshops Communications Workshops Problem Solving Training Confidence Training … and why I’m different …

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How I help your business 

Businesses have never needed to be more agile 

To succeed in today’s world, you need clear communication, fast decision-making and the ability to adapt when faced with changing priorities.   

If you’d like the same experience I’ve shared with EasyJet, Gatwick Airport, the RFU, American Express … as well as many smaller businesses and their staff … get in touch.  

I run communications workshopsconfidence training and problem-solving workshops, teaching techniques which can be used the very next day – how to focus on a meeting, make key decisions, hit a deadline, secure a sale.  

My background in TV news also makes me a safe choice if you’re looking for a keynote speaker and event host.   

Keynote speeches & event hosting

Getting It Done By Lunchtime

My free to download Quick Read guide that will help you be as agile as a journalist on a lunchtime deadline – by revealing how we communicate fast, tell stories crisply and hit our deadlines. Read and recommended by CEOs, communications managers and sales team leaders!


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