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I’m the TV reporter who will help your team deliver snappier messages, run tighter meetings, tell sharper stories, get more done on a deadline …

 … because in TV Newsrooms, we do them all by lunchtime.

“This was effective, professional, insightful and thought-provoking.  You reminded us that sometimes the ‘obvious’ things are the ones that work.”

 Mark Lever, Head of Corporate Affairs, Gatwick Airport 

I’ll help you and your teams to become more agile.

I do this by revealing the secrets of do-it-by-lunchtime productivity and crystal clear communications that I’ve learnt after nearly thirty years in busy BBC newsrooms.  So you get: 

— an exhilarating keynote or workshop that your team will actually thank you for 

— interactive training with in-your-face, you-can-do-this-tomorrow takeaways (otherwise, what’s the point?) 

— delivery on site (no need to hire a minibus to head to an activity centre: I create my workshop “newsroom” in your office)

— a fun experience from someone you can trust (I still work in a BBC newsroom two days a week, though this is not a BBC product).

Judge for yourself in less than 90 seconds ...

How I help – in 60 Seconds!

Try one of my news games now …

Why EasyJet’s Head of Ops HR is glad he got me in …
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How I help Businesses …

Businesses have never needed to be more agile.

And agility is something you develop fast when you work in a BBC newsroom.  Deadlines loom, news priorities change moments before we go on air, stories must be written in minutes rather than hours.

We soon learn to junk the jargon, speak the language our audiences speak, and cut to the chase.

If those are skills you’d like your own teams to develop, I can help.

My KEYNOTE AND WORKSHOPS will give you and your staff techniques you can use the very next day – to focus a meeting, make a key decision, hit a deadline, secure a sale.

It’s my background in TV News that also makes me a safe choice to HOST YOUR EVENT.  My many years’ experience in a live TV studio mean you don’t have to worry about timekeeping, whatever may be going on behind the scenes …

Workshops & Training Hosting Your Event

Free Guide to Getting Work Experience in the Media (or in any other competitive industry …)

Download this guide if you are often asked “can you offer me/my daughter/a lovely young person I know some work experience”?

I wrote it because it’s a question I’m asked so often — and I wanted to be able to offer young people practical tips, as well as words of encouragement.  For some, it may be a tough read — but its message is: if you’re proactive, you’re half way there.

(By the way, for safeguarding reasons, I don’t accept contact details from anyone under 18 years old — so if that’s you, please ask an adult to download it for you.  And good luck!)


Getting It Done By Lunchtime

My free to download No Jargon, No Nonsense Guide to help you and your teams hit your deadlines, day after day — based on many years’ experience presenting and reporting for lunchtime news bulletins.


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If you find these forms a bit annoying, just give me a call on 07850 188620 or 01273 606246 — I always like to chat about how I might be able to help.  Or just send an email to john@johnyoungmedia.co.uk — letting me know what you have in mind, and we can take it from there.  If you do like the forms, don’t forget to put something in each box marked with a *.

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