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Less is more

What did I learn? That less is more.
Aberdeen Standard Investments Head of Marketing, Kathryn Pinner

Not a second was boring …

Not a second was boring. It was fun and insightful - there were so many takeaways: prioritisation, capturing your audience, getting your message across.
Deutsche Bank Risk Manager, Josephine Wong

Courage to speak up in a meeting

This has helped me to be more courageous. I'll be more able to speak up and not be afraid in a meeting.
Ernst & Young Manager, Narmeen Navrozally

Why Perfection can be a Problem

I learnt not to strive all the time for perfection if I'm going to get the job done.
HR Engagement Manager, Royal International Air Tattoo - Karen Driver

A focus on Clear Communications

Inspiring. What I found most useful were the points about clear communications at work.
Phil Pilsworth, Training Consultant, Nationwide Building Society

Ten Testimonials … in two-and-a-bit minutes …

Three Apprentices — more confident ahead of their End Point Assessments …

CASE STUDY: Icebreaking for a new team – American Express

American Express's Talent Attraction & Development manager wanted a three hour activity to help a new batch of 25 trainees to bond and have some fun on the second day of their induction week in July 2018. I customised my Newsroom Bootcamp to focus on key workplace skills that would bridge the gap between university and workplace --no-nonsense deadlines, attention to detail, listening to others but making a decision too. Talha Sheik, one of the participants, wrote to me a few days later: "Your training was very helpful - within this week, I've faced situations where I've had to 'talk more', and 'speak my mind' and I've used what you shared with us. Best of all, it didn't feel cheesy or vague, as you would normally expect when people tell you 'I can make your life better'!

CASESTUDY: Leadership on a Deadline – Vistage CEOs Peer to Peer Learning Group

Vistage is an internationally respected peer to peer group organisation that brings CEOs of large companies together in a relaxed environment, to share ideas and enjoy new experiences. They want to be stimulated -- but to justify time away from the coalface they need real business benefits, too. My Newsroom Bootcamp and Headline Deadline, delivered in March 2019 in Brighton, blended the two -- getting them debating fast, speaking their minds and writing with the clarity and agility of a journalist. I encouraged them to junk the business jargon and commit to speaking their staff and clients' language -- as if they were journalists. The group of eight also had a chance to test their comfort zone levels by reading scripts off my moving autocue -- leaving some with a newfound confidence in public speaking. David Harding, Vistage Chairman, said: "This was exactly what I thought it would be, and more -- relevant, fun, highly interactive. All business leaders need to focus on decisions, deadlines and face disruption -- these are the daily absolutes in your world. You kept us on our toes and gave us real business takeaways."

CASESTUDY: An Awayday Activity for EasyJet Senior Reports, tough but fun – focus on Internal Comms

EasyJet's COO wanted an activity that would stimulate her senior management team at an Awayday, but also be fun. I joined them mid-morning after they’d had an hour to themselves to discuss internal matters. I then ran my two hour “Newsroom Bootcamp” workshop — taking them out of their business world and into the world of a TV newsroom, testing their resilience and agility by inviting them to decide, debate and write news stories on tight deadlines, before reading them off camera on my portable news autocue. After lunch, I spent another two hours with them working on news-style storytelling, sharing techniques used by TV journalists that they could apply that afternoon. This left them with a framework to apply to their own internal communications. I left at 4pm, giving them time to reflect on my contributions, and their own plans for the months ahead. David Morgan, Interim Head of Operations, wrote: “The themes we worked on were very relevant - managing an extremely complex operation is not so different from your TV News world, where masses of information needs to be distilled to the basics. I’m sure we’ll ask you back again before long.”

Getting It Done By Lunchtime

My free to download Quick Read guide that will help you be as agile as a journalist on a lunchtime deadline – by revealing how we communicate fast, tell stories crisply and hit our deadlines. Read and recommended by CEOs, communications managers and sales team leaders!


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