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Immediate impact, remembered later …

Your training was very helpful - within the week, I've faced situations where I've had to 'talk more' and 'speak my mind', and I've used what you shared with us.
Talha Sheikh, American Express

Cutting through …

John cuts through the nonsense. His workshop was like no training I’ve ever experienced before — hugely refreshing, and effective as a result.
Martin Riley, Business & Leadership Coach

Making a real difference in Ashford

Why this was so different ... and effective.

A thousand times more engaging than other training

This was a thousand times more engaging than some training I’ve booked in the past for my staff. It was totally engaging, grabbed our attention and reminded us all that deadlines are real.
Chris Thomson, Former Principal, BHASVIC

Emotional results and hands going up in Horsham

How my workshop had a real emotional, and practical, impact in Horsham

One of best training sessions seen in 30 years …

After 30 years working in education, I can honestly say this is in the top five trainings I’ve ever received — it’s of value for all levels in business, whether executive or entry — as well as schools and colleges. This was really powerful.”
Clare Goldfinch, former Deputy Headteacher & Ofsted Inspector

A light tone brought to a heavy subject

You were fantastic. It was a heavy subject, but you brought a light tone which made sure the speakers explained everything in a very simple way.
Ella Grant, Advice Clouds Public Sector Recruitment

Inspiring, gregarious, engaging … John commands the room

Inspiring, gregarious, engaging ... John commands the room. When hosting a recent Rotary Club evening, I could sit back and relax as he got everyone involved in his fascinating TV News decision making game — making people laugh, while being bang on message. I would invite John to MC any event — he’s at the top of his game.
Therese Cole, Consultant Manager, Sussex Business for Schools

A great MC because you’d done your homework

You'd done your homework on a complex issue -- and that meant you were a great MC.
Oliver Hone, Marketing Director, Imex Group

Why training needn’t be boring …

Why more hands are likely to go up now at this business in Kent ...

Getting It Done By Lunchtime

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