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“Exciting, engaging … everyone got a takeaway” – November 2020

Your training made us think differently about how we can make our virtual meetings more exciting and engaging. Everyone gave hugely positive feedback at the end. Everyone got a takeaway. 
 We’re in a different environment now, managing things remotely, so hopefully this is going to make our remote working more exciting for the people we meet with. The nature of what you’re presenting is that we need to be more engaging — you’re showing us what that looks like. For some, that doesn't always come naturally, so there’ll be more learning. But I think your approach is absolutely perfect for what you’re presenting. Your style is great — it really keeps us all on our toes!
Adele Collins, Training & Development Coordinator, Arun District Council - November 2020

Training made for the VIRTUAL world – June 2020

At last - training made for the VIRTUAL world -- June 2020
Mark Burns, Chair, Vistage International CEO Peer Support Network

CASE STUDY: Helping an international clinical radiotherapy treatment company with the challenge of online meetings – September 2020

September 2020: A senior engagement executive wanted to improve the way in which her teams came across in virtual meetings, and when meeting new customers. She wanted presentations to be livelier, the language fresher, the meetings tighter - more enjoyable, and being remembered as engaging and professional. I broke my half day 'No Bull Newsroom' for 18 executives into three lively activities, with regular breaks. "Hold the Zoom Room" provided takeaways about engaging audiences, holding attention and sticking to time ... using interactive news themed games to embed the learning. "Thirty Second Showdown" challenged participants to write a 30 second news bulletin, and then read it out loud -- focussing on clarity of language, and the ditching of detail. "A Mind Bogglingly Simple Way to Engage" had participants working in small breakout teams, focusing on how to use real stories to capture an audience. Each activity ended on moments of reflection and debate -- with commitments made amidst the laughter. "You delved deep into what we wanted out of this, and you hit the mark." Jen Anthony, Engagement Manager, Elekta UK & Europe

Helping a Senior Executive and her team to have even better online meetings and sales

Keeping CEOs engaged with relevant activities – July 2020

Thank you so much. Your session was informative, educational and entertaining: you kept the group of CEOs involved and maintained a good pace throughout. Also, your key points are relevant to all of us, whatever the sector. The importance of a high impact opening, as well as using stories, reminded all of us to focus on communication with more intensity.
Harry Wyndham, Chairman, Croptech Ltd and Group Chair, Vistage UK Executive Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Group

Eye opening in this online world – July 2020

A massive thanks from me for yesterday. It really opened my eyes to how much you can do online with a little bit of thought and know-how. Loved the high energy style, I will recommending it to everyone!
Jennifer Becket, UK Director, Ideal Work Innovative Surfaces Ltd

“I was NOT disappointed” – June 2020

I was NOT disappointed. This was an excellent and engaging workshop.  Some very useful takeaways that I will endeavour to adopt and adapt in my future online meetings.  One of the hats I wear is as a mediator, so one of the bigger challenges is reading the mood of the parties present and giving everyone a chance to be heard. Thank you, John!
Captain John Owen, Mediator & Director, Bernicia Marine Consultants, Northumberland

“Fun & Inspiring … ” June 2020

Thank you, John, for a fun and inspiring session.  It's made me think, laugh and learn - and I certainly left with some new, positive perspectives on my broadcasting approach. I attended to get better at running training webinars, but soon realised that I can learn a lot from you on simply how to have a much more productive and useful video meeting! So important in these days.
Maria Paviour, Occupational Psychologist, Trainer, Public Speaker

What a Management Consultancy firm made of one of my web-workshops … May 2020

“You can’t beat the real deal …” — May 2020

You can't beat the real deal. There's nothing better than learning from someone who's walked the walk. John shared WHY we need to adopt certain methods. He backed it up with real world examples. He used storytelling, video clips, behind the scenes captures.
Ian Farrar, Managing Director, Business Coach, Speaker

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