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I’m a working TV journalist.

I’m not qualified in team dynamics or psychology. This isn’t a BBC product, and it’s not media training.  But nearly thirty years as a live TV reporter and presenter mean I’ve developed lots of ideas about how to handle deadlines, dilemmas, pressure and get to the point.  (You can read some of them for free if you sign up to my Newsroom Secrets page.)  

A secondment as a trainer of BBC journalists means I’m comfortable getting those thoughts and actions across to a room of people I don’t know.  My early work in secondary schools, some of them in challenging areas, means I can handle the toughest of audiences.   And the fact that I still appear on air two days a week means I’m up to date, not looking fondly back. 

Working as a volunteer a few years ago teaching English in Laos, and supporting the work of Eastbourne’s Quicken Trust at the village of Kabubbu in Uganda, reminded me that life can be short and ideas need to be acted upon.  So I set up my business in 2013, originally to develop school pupils’ life skills, but now also doing so for adults.  I love sharing my newsroom secrets, and hope you’ll enjoy discovering them, too. 


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Getting It Done By Lunchtime

My free to download No Jargon, No Nonsense Guide to help you and your teams hit your deadlines, day after day — based on many years’ experience presenting and reporting for lunchtime news bulletins.


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