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CASESTUDY: helping nervous executives, in sensitive public sector roles, appear in the media – May 2022 26 May 2022

A public sector organisation, which often faces criticism and scrutiny, wanted to build the confidence of two new executives who needed to be accountable through the media. Over a series of meetings, I discussed their specific needs with their Comms Director, before compiling a bespoke three hour event for them. During this, they took part in a series of light-touch activities that helped them understand what would happen before an interview, during an interview, and what the differences might be between different types of interviews. We watched examples and discussed them. Using a professional BBC camera crew, I interviewed them each, twice, with plenty of time to play back and to discuss their performance — not just with me, but their Comms Director and our cameraman. Both had arrived looking nervous and appearing a little defensive. They both left smiling. The organisation have asked me to retain anonymity because of the nature of their work, but here is what they said as they left: “It was so much fun - and if, like me, you’re nervous, you need it to be fun. But it was meaningful too. I now feel reassured and confident.” “It’s been really positive - and it’s been fun. My takeaway is to be myself. I’d definitely, 100%, recommend it.”
Anonymous, as request of client, because of the sensitive nature of their work.

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