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This is my Blog Page …

… but I call it “Newsroom Secrets” because “Blog” sounds a bit tedious. My aim in each post is to give you a pithy little tip on productivity that you or your colleagues might find useful in your own workplace — a secret from my thirty years’ experience facing hourly deadlines as a BBC reporter and presenter.  Sometimes I save you the trouble of reading them by turning them into sixty second video “Vlogs”.

And Finally … I only post once or twice a time a month, and keep each written entry to six short paragraphs.  That’s because I don’t like being bombarded or bored either.  If you enjoy them, do spread the word!

What ‘Bodyguard’, ‘Press’ and ‘House of Cards’ tell us about building relationships at work 

If you recently texted somebody at a desk on the other side of the room, this may come in handy

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A Bit Nervous about Public Speaking? These Three Secrets Might Help

Everyone gets nervous when they speak in public. But here are three ways to succeed by staying...

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A Really Easy way to Impress at a Job Interview

If you want someone to give you a job, give them something in return.

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How to please your customers and clients — Doctor’s Orders!

A common-sense doctor stuck to his guns and defied medical conventions. Here's how that can help...

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A nice easy suggestion for your September Back to Work Reboot

Listening to other people talking about their mistakes can be very helpful ...

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60 SECOND SECRET: How to relax your audience (without resorting to massage) 16 July 2018

If you've got a nervous audience, this way of putting them at ease may seem obvious -- but not...

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60 SECOND SECRET: The Perils of Assumed Knowledge 4 July 2018

Do your staff/clients/customers always know what you're ... hmm ... on about?

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Three Reasons why it’s good to be Nervous — and one tip on what to do when you are.

I still get nervous when the clock's ticking towards a big moment and a lot of people are relying...

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How Harry & Meghan could (perhaps) boost your business productivity

A thought about trying to cheer people up (with thanks to my 6 year old niece ...)

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60 SECOND SECRET: How to Speak your Audience’s language 6 June 2018

An thought-provoking example of how two radio programmes made sure a boring story was interesting...

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Blogs don’t have to be long or boring — I reckon six snappy paragraphs does the job, and gives you something you will actually remember.

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