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This is my Blog Page …

… but I call it “Newsroom Secrets” because “Blog” sounds a bit tedious. My aim in each post is to give you a pithy little tip on productivity that you or your colleagues might find useful in your own workplace — a secret from my thirty years’ experience facing hourly deadlines as a BBC reporter and presenter.  Sometimes I save you the trouble of reading them by turning them into sixty second video “Vlogs”.

And Finally … I only post once or twice a time a month, and keep each written entry to six short paragraphs.  That’s because I don’t like being bombarded or bored either.  If you enjoy them, do spread the word!

Three Reasons Why Doing Someone Else’s Job for a Day May Help You Do Yours

What I learnt when I turned Producer, rather than Presenter, for the Day.

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Is this the most powerful question a reporter can ask?

The one question that has never failed me when reporting in sad circumstances, with thanks to David...

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Translation Required: Do you know what these five news phrases actually mean?

If you don't understand the words you use, are you quite sure your audience/customers/staff will?

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60 SECOND SECRET: Up against it in Hastings … 21 February 2018

A trick I use to keep things simple ...

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What the Dope Dealer taught me about Networking

You can pick up business tips in the unlikeliest of places, I've discovered. It's all about trust.

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Why it’s good if Feedback makes you howl

Tough feedback from 15 year old Daisy. But it all helps -- and adults are kinder!

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Three Things You Can Still Do To Run Your Business when your Laptop’s in A&E

My laptop and IMac are in intensive care this week. Here’s how I’ve avoided panic.

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How to remember what that meeting was all about.

If you still take notes, and still use a pen, think about going red.

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How to get someone’s attention — a shocking suggestion

Why it's still good to talk ...

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Why your next job may be easier than you think

Whisper it, but not everything that looks difficult is that difficult.

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Blogs don’t have to be long or boring — I reckon six snappy paragraphs does the job, and gives you something you will actually remember.

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