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CASESTUDY: Leadership on a Deadline – Vistage CEOs Peer to Peer Learning Group 23 April 2019

Vistage is an internationally respected peer to peer group organisation that brings CEOs of large companies together in a relaxed environment, to share ideas and enjoy new experiences. They want to be stimulated -- but to justify time away from the coalface they need real business benefits, too. My Newsroom Bootcamp and Headline Deadline, delivered in March 2019 in Brighton, blended the two -- getting them debating fast, speaking their minds and writing with the clarity and agility of a journalist. I encouraged them to junk the business jargon and commit to speaking their staff and clients' language -- as if they were journalists. The group of eight also had a chance to test their comfort zone levels by reading scripts off my moving autocue -- leaving some with a newfound confidence in public speaking. David Harding, Vistage Chairman, said: "This was exactly what I thought it would be, and more -- relevant, fun, highly interactive. All business leaders need to focus on decisions, deadlines and face disruption -- these are the daily absolutes in your world. You kept us on our toes and gave us real business takeaways."

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